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        Hydraulic pallet mobile hoist

        product description

        Uses: Mainly used for the lifting and handling of metal and plastic dunnage boards in pharmaceutical companies, and the lifting and transferring of mobile turnover barrels, which reduces the labor intensity of workers; it can also be used in explosion-proof areas after using explosion-proof motors and electrical appliances.

        feature of product:

        1. The body shell is made of 304 anti-fingerprint stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable, has no dead corners, and is clean and easy to clean.

        2. The curtain-type dust-proof cloth is used to isolate the inside of the machine from the outside without polluting the environment.

        3. Imported hydraulic system and seals are used, anti-aging, no oil leakage, and durable.

        4. It adopts DC 24V rechargeable power supply, which can be used in multiple rooms and multiple environments without being restricted by power supply and wires.

        5. Using Japan Southern Star casters, it is light and flexible to push, and does not damage the floor and leave no traces.

        6. An anti-falling device can be installed to prevent the slider from accidentally slipping and hurting the operator.