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        Mobile telescopic lifting feeding machine


                This machine is mainly used for conveying and feeding solid materials in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be used with mixers, granulators, tablet presses, coating machines, capsule filling machines and other equipment. At the same time, it is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.


                The machine is mainly composed of a chassis trolley, a telescopic system, a lifting system, and a turning system. When working, first buckle the cone and the bucket, and then activate the lifting button to lift the bucket; activate the flip button, and the bucket can be turned over 180°. The mobile chassis trolley and the feeding equipment are sealed and docked, and the discharge butterfly valve is opened to make the material Closed and transferred to the next process.


                This machine is a new model successfully developed by our company that has extensively absorbed and digested foreign advanced technology and combined with national conditions. The structure is reasonable, the performance is stable, and the operation is convenient. The whole machine has no dead corners and no exposed screws. The machine is equipped with a discharging disc valve with an anti-misoperation device, which is convenient to disassemble, easy to clean, ensure production safety, and can effectively control dust and cross-contamination, optimize the production process, and fully meet the GMP requirements for pharmaceutical production.


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        移動伸縮提升加料機 結構圖.jpg