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        About Us Company Profile

               The main business scope of Nantong Saibo Pharmaceutical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. includes: R&D, production and sales of pharmaceutical equipment and purification equipment. Pharmaceutical equipment, lifting machinery equipment, material transfer equipment, stainless steel clean doors and windows and purification equipment, stainless steel non-standard products, stirring reaction equipment, etc. GMP CGMP purification workshop, purification equipment, negative pressure room, air shower room, transfer window, etc., with complete varieties. In order to provide the purification engineering supporting product design, production and installation. Since its inception, the company has continuously strengthened and improved its team's technical capabilities and management level, and vigorously introduced various professionals. Nowadays, it has been equipped with a professional elite team in all aspects of production and operation.

        Cybertech development advantages:

                First, focus on R&D services for pharmaceutical companies. Cybertech is dedicated to serving pharmaceutical companies, understanding the needs of pharmaceutical companies, and providing professional equipment and advice to pharmaceutical companies.

                Second, in cooperation with well-known Sino-foreign joint venture pharmaceutical companies, foreign-funded companies not only require good product functions for stainless steel pharmaceutical equipment, but also strict product appearance. Cybertech understands the "needs" of customers, and its products are highly praised by users, and its equipment and supporting services are recognized by experts at home and abroad.